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Sports psychology/ sports hypnosis

- Build confidence & belief
- Overcome performance blocks
- Find your performance zone
- Overcome anxiety, depression, trauma

Why work with us?

Wide portfolio of skills 
With access to a wide range of coaching skills - sports psychology, mental rehearsal, NLP, hypnosis and life coaching - we can adapt our approach to suit your unique situation

Tried and trusted techniques
Our coaches have tried and tested the techniques themselves as successful competitive athletes. So we put you on the fast track to the techniques that are proven to work

Unique insight into the sports mindset As champions in our own right, we have a deep insight into the sporting mindset and what's important to you. We work with footballers, athletes, boxers, tennis players, golfers equestrians and many others

What we help with

Instilling confidence and belief

The difference between the winners and the “also rans” often comes down to confidence - and belief. We use a range of therapeutic techniques to remove or change limiting beliefs which are preventing people from reaching their full potential, and to boost confidence which in turn boosts performance and helps sports people get better results.

Overcoming performance blocks

Most sports people experience times in their career when their performance takes a dip, and they need a little help to get back on their game. My A-Game specialises in helping people who are serious about their sport, whether elite, aspiring or purely recreational, to get their mojo back, perform to the best of their ability and get and stay in their performance zone for longer.

Dealing with pre-competition nerves

Pre-competition anxiety, and performance anxiety are common problems for competitive sports stars. We teach routines and techniques that help athletes perform to their best in pressure situations, and help them become more mentally resilient so they can deal with unexpected challenges – in training and on competition day.
We utilise sports psychology techniques including hypnotherapy to help clients make lasting changes.

Overcoming anxiety and depression

Many people experience heightened anxiety and sometimes depression, usually triggered by trauma in their lives. My A-Game helps all kinds of people become ‘unstuck’ and move on with their lives, using both analytical and solutions-focused hypnotherapeutic techniques.

Weight management

What is hypnotherapy: When you have been trying to maintain or reach a target weight
for many years, with mixed success, it can be time to consider a different approach and get to the heart of the issue, which is often an emotional or habitual one. Hypnotherapy for weight loss: My A-Game helps clients access and alter the underlying beliefs which drive unhealthy behaviours around food, replacing them with new ones which help you achieve the results you deserve.

Accelerated skill learning

When you are challenged with learning a new skill or technique, it can be a real competitive advantage to know there is a quicker and easier way to mastering a skill, more effective than slogging away without a purpose. We teach sports people, and the general public how to master skills quickly, through ‘purposeful practice’ and by ‘modelling’ the experts.

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Featured client - Elite marathon runner Anna Boniface

Marathon running is all about endurance
"Marathon running is all about endurance. In the last few miles, it's your mental strength rather than your physical strength that matters most. My A-Game has taught me techniques to remain focused and mentally strong to battle through the physically challenging parts of the marathon"

What our clients say

Sarah, middle distance runner

“Thank you for the session the other day - I used the techniques pre-race and felt a massive improvement. It was the most relaxed I've been in a race for ages and also the most condent. I found that I enjoyed the race because I was actually in it and racing, and ended up winning it. My running coaches said it's the best they've seen me race in ages. "

Andy, footballer

“With the perfect combination of empathy and humour, Paul helped me look at things from a completely different angle. With his guidance I was able to make changes that had been holding me back for decades.”

Rebecca, golfer

“I had problems getting motivated, at work, so I decided to work with Paul and he took me through a ‘zone dome’ process. I can’t believe how much more focused I am – it seems like the old me back. Thanks Paul!”.

Sallyann, triathlete

"I found it incredibly helpful to get a professional athlete’s perspective on competition. After discussion with Paul it was so enlightening to realise I focus on my bike and run pretty well but let my mind wander in the swim. Getting myself mentally prepared really helped me on my last race, my little mantras I had for each section and taking just a few minutes to focus and get in the zone Importantly I took the ‘thinking’ out of the race so I could focus on technique. Looking forward to what’s next!" 

Chris, Head Junior Badminton Coach

"Most of the junior players had never experienced anything like this before but the feedback I received from both players and parents was great. Many have been using the techniques both on and off court since.

Greig, Head Coach, Scottish football

We had Paul working with our National team and he did not disappoint. Fantastic from start to finish, showing some great techniques and ways to get our players in the zone, with the correct mindset.
We saw an immediate impact in the way the players trained.
We will use these techniques in our preparation for Barconlona. Highly recommend!

My A-Game coaches

Paul Hewitt, MSc, Dip. PHH, MAPA

Paul Hewitt knows what it takes to be a champion - because he is one. As well as being a Performing Edge Certified International sports psychology coach, Paul is the current British Freestyle Jetski Champion in the 800cc class and a former European Champion. He uses all the mental techniques he teaches, as well as self-hypnosis, in order to extend his career.

Paul has a Diploma in Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and is a Member of the Andrew Parr Association. He is a clinical hypnotherapist, a hypnoanalyst, a sports psychology expert and a Master Practitioner in mainstream and sports NLP. Paul also has an MSc in Communication.

Paul is based out of Bracknell, and also treats clients by phone (Skype / FaceTime) and on the road by appointment. He specialises in helping aspiring and elite sports people reach their full potential and overcome performance blocks. He treats members of the general public who present with anxiety, depression, phobias and other potential limiting conditions. 
Contact Paul on 01344 286595 or email [email protected]

Featured client - European jetski champion Paul Hewitt

2018 Freestyle Jetski Champion (800cc class) Paul Hewitt uses mental performance techniques and self hypnosis to help him stay in competition and achieve a mental edge.

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